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Pump General

Pump Troubleshooting

Pump Problems can be either caused by:

1. Mechanical Problem with the Pump


2. Pump System Problem


The Great Majority of Pump Problems are with the Pump System

The Majority of Pump System Problems are on the Suction Side

Pump Problems are usually associated with Noisy Operation

Mechanical Problem

To determine if this noise is a mechanical problem with the pump drain it, close both suction and discharge valves and run the pump briefly.

If the noise continues you have a mechanical problem.

The mechanical noise can be caused by:

1. Debris in the Impeller
2. Impeller Rubbing
3. Impeller out of Balance
4. Bent or Twisted shaft
5. Bad bearings
6. Coupling Misalignment
7. V-Belt sheave Misalignment
8. Pipe Stress

In any case the problem can be corrected by taking it apart and simply fixing it by either replacing the damaged parts or correcting the installation.

Items Required:

1. Pump Installation Manual

2. Pump Operation Manual

3. Pump Maintenance Manual

4. Parts List

System Problem

However if the Noise goes away after draining the pump etc. then the noise is caused by the Pumping System.

Pump System Noise is usually caused by:

1. Cavitation

2. Vortexing

Tools Required

In order to troubleshoot a pump system problem the following tools are required:

1. Combination Vacuum/Pressure Gauge - To Check Pump Suction Reading
2. Pressure Gauge - To Check Pump Discharge Pressure Reading
3. Amp Meter - To Check Horsepower Load
4. Tachometer - To Check Pump Speed
5. Pump Performance Curve - To Check all Readings Against the Expected Pump Performance


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